Tourists Together


When you have lived in a place for a while you take what is around you for granted. The beautiful architecture, interesting museums or must-visit cafes all become a blur around you as you go about your daily business. It is only when we take a step back that we can appreciate and see things for the first time again. I was lucky enough to do this when my dad came to visit for a weekend and we did the tourist thang of nearby city Rouen.

I love this place as it is full of boutique shops, French boulangeries (bakerys) with people queuing outside, macaroon stalls with the colours of the rainbow and leaning old rustic buildings.


We strolled through the winding streets stopping to take photos of whatever took our fancy.

We found the place where Joan of Arc was burned back in 1431 there was just this little plaque giving information which surprised me as I thought there would at least be a tourist trap museum but seemed like no one took any notice.



It really is a lovely city and if you are ever in Northern France I would recommend spending a few hours here getting lost in the alleys and beautiful streets.

P1010132  P1010152 P1010158


In the evening we celebrated my dad’s birthday with family and friends in the cutest restaurant with an open fire where they cook your steak to perfection. The food was faultless as was the copious amounts of red wine we worked our way through. Singing happy birthday in both French and English with the whole restaurant joining in is a memory I won’t forget in a while. Bon Anniversaire Papa! x

P1010176 P1010175 P1010180



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