Training for a 10km race – Week 3


So after slacking for my birthday week – yep a whole week of fun shenanigans (check it out here) I feel up and ready to get back on with my 10km race training plan, as well as freaking out that I have under 8 weeks until race day.

I have worked out that doing the ostrich head stuck in the sand impersonation isn’t going to cut the mustard…. this race is going to happen if I like it or not “so get that ass off the sofa and get outside missy”. This is my inner grit doctor talking to me – I imagine her being like a sassy American lady pursing her lips and shaking her head as she tells me off. If you have no idea what a Grit doctor is then check this here.

Even though I completely overindulged last week the end result is that I felt sluggish and unmotivated to do any exercise. I think that Gillian McKeith is right when she harps on about ‘you are what you eat’. I could totally feel the difference in the first few runs/jogs/fast walks that I did after stuffing my face the previous evening with juicy steak, gooey profiteroles as well as nearly a whole bottle of red wine. I didn’t like this feeling. It was my birthday so I’m not going to be too hard on myself.

But things had to change so this week after a big food shop and a trolley full of salad, vegetables, fish and grains I am feeling less like a beached whale and more like a hyperactive puppy. Ok maybe not that much energy but it is definitely a step in the right direction.


I also have a spring in my step not just because of the glorious early summer that seems to be happening but my boyfriend treated me to a pair of super snazzy trainers for my birthday. They feel like I am walking on air with all the padded, airflow, super duper fabric technology.

The only problem is I feel embarrassed lacing up these bright trainers as they should be on the feet of a running pro who has just nonchalantly finished her third marathon not the feet of a sweaty jogger who has only started out in this fitness world. But as the shoes demand a better owner I will try all I can do be that person!

Remember you can follow my training on twitter by using the hashtag #NWODrun and if you have any tips or advice then please send it this way!


Book Guilt


Twitter – It took me a while to really ‘get it’ but now that I have I am obsessed with this micro-blogging medium. The challenge of getting your point over in 140 characters or less as well as being able to chat with people from all over the world and from all walks of life is pretty incredible.

It is this sense of community that I really enjoy being part of, especially in the blogging world where twitter is a great tool to find new bloggers, share your posts and have a chat with like minded people. It was during one of these chats when I asked other lifestyle bloggers if there was a specific book blogger chat, turns out there wasn’t one so it was decided to start our own.

Every Tuesday evening between 7-8pm UK time you can join us on twitter using the hashtag #bookbloggers or follow @BookBlogChat to talk all things books. Whether you have a dedicated book blog or just the odd book review then please take part. You don’t even need to have a blog but if you are passionate about books then it would be great to hear from you!

The topic for last weeks BookBlogChat was ‘perseverance and challenges’, as we have all had times when reading a book we are not enjoying that we make a decision either to carry on or give up. But giving up on a book comes with this sense of guilt and shame, especially if it is a book that others raved about and you are left scratching your head thinking ‘meh’.

This guilty feeling seems to occur as you know a struggling author out there has put their heart and soul into something that you are holding in your hands but just don’t care about. Whether you don’t connect with the characters, the plot is too confusing or unrealistic or it is soooooo slow to get going that you use it as a sleeping aid.

What came out of the BookBlogChat was that:

‘Life is too short to waste time on bad books’

So the next time when you are forcing yourself to read another page just so you can understand why your friend who lent it to you loved it so much, but now you are questioning this friendship, just give it up and move on. That’s the beauty of books I guess it isn’t one size fits all.

Which books have you struggled to finish and enjoy? Did you give it up or push through to finish it?

{Beauty} Going nuts for Nuxe




One French skincare brand that all the chic Parisians seem to rave about is Nuxe. From their must-have iconic lip balm that beauty bloggers go crazy for to their huile prodigieuse multi-purpose dry oil that I tried out here, it is a beauty company that seems to meet a whole lotta needs.

I have been using NUXE 24hr moisturising body lotion after receiving a bottle for my birthday. I am always a little wary of body lotions as I have quite sensitive skin (especially at the top of my arms weirdly) so usually my go-to-products are safe but effective e45 or unperfumed Simple products. But feeling a little excited about cracking open the bottle I decided to give this a go. It is perfumed, it is creamy so it should have brought me out is a bad reaction but guess what? It just melted into my upper arms and the summer holiday smell wafted around for hours after. Something I wasn’t used to before with a body moisturiser. It has left my skin so smooth and soft that I can’t believe no-one told me about this product before!

I also got a sample of the NUXE Crème Fraîche de Beauté 24hr soothing and moisturising cream which my skin just seemed to eat up. The smell is quite strong which could put some people off but the effect it has left my skin is amazing. Seriously. Any dry patches have vanished and even those pesky blemish scars that always hang around like a bad smell for ages have seemed to disappear slightly. I am definitely going to add this to my wish list the next time I get drawn into the local pharmacy.

Have you tried any of Nuxe’s products?

My (birthday) week in photos


I don’t usually do these kinds of posts mainly because I forget to take photos all the time to be able to fill a post with pictures but last week was my ‘birthday’ week! I have no shame in saying that I like to spread the birthday attention for a whole week, eeking out as much fun from this one day as I can. Hey if you are getting older then why not make the most of it rather than hide away from it?! Luckily for me I am surrounded by amazing family and friends who know how to make a girl feel extremely special and loved.

My celebrations started with a mouth-watering Mexican meal in Rouen (You can read about my love for this city here) followed by cocktails with friends. Since living in France I have found that it has a totally different attitude to drinking and going out than I was used to back in England. Back home my weekends involved getting the glad rags on (the higher the heels the better) and spending my nights drinking and dancing in fancy wine bars. But over here I have only been on a handful of these styles of nights out as the culture is much more about relaxed fun not necking shots then drunkenly staggering for a kebab.


(Check out the evil stare the guy in the background is giving his date!)


For my actual birthday I was treated with flowers, presents and a slap up French meal in my favorite local restaurant that cooks steak on an open fire, has the best red wine and fresh seafood dishes. They may not look so appetizing my boy oh boy they taste divine.




The following weekend my French/English family threw me a Brazilian themed party complete with samba dancing, a ‘K’ shaped piñata and South American dishes including homemade cheesy balls. I felt extremely spoilt and so happy to have such a generous and kind family around me especially my cousin Laura who is like wonderwoman to me and organised so much of the night. You all know how highly I value my family and friends but it is times like this when you realise just how important they are in your life.





Training for a 10km race – Week 1 and 2


I told you here that I have been entered into a 10km race taking place at the start of June. I hate exercise, have never been one of those naturally sporty or athletic types and it is through gritted teeth I have ever been to the gym. But I wanted to share with you my training as I know it’s not as impressive as marathon training or the Iron Man, but for me it is just as much as a challenge to overcome and the end result when I cross the finish line I will feel so proud of myself as if I had just completed a triathlon! Last week was my birthday so I basically missed/half heartedly completed that weeks training but I will definitely be making up for the extra cake and wine I devoured by working harder this week.

Week 1 – Get inspiration #NWODrun


Run Fat B!tch Run by Ruth Field- I wanted to start running before my wedding as I had heard it could relieve stress, tone me up and also meant saving money on expensive gym fees so I bought this lovely titled book to help me. As you know the wedding never happened and as abruptly as that all ended so did my desire to go for a run. But to get inspiration to start my 10km training I picked up this book and reread it. In it the author acts as your inner Grit Doctor, that voice we all have inside which tells you off when you reach for another biscuit or you watch yet another episode of your fave programme when that mountain of washing is looking at you longingly. The voice we should all tune into not away from. This is the voice we need to listen to that tells us to get our trainers on and pound the pavements. No excuses.

You can either have results or excuses but you can’t have both.

In the book she advises you to find a route which is approximately 3-4miles long door to door and just start by walking it, then progressing to walking faster and faster each time before you begin a slow jog. This then increases your fitness and confidence so eventually you will graduate to running the whole course before you realise it. I like this technique as being told to just ‘start running’ terrifies me. My stamina is crap, my knees ache, I turn red and sweaty and all my motivation soon fades when I realise I have only been running for 2 minutes and I can hardly breathe.

I much prefer to build up my confidence and pick up my pace when I feel ready to. So week one of #NWODrun has been planning my route, walking briskly around it and what I have then found occurring is I had the desire to start a slow jog in certain parts. So not wanting to stop this bizarre feeling I just went with it. I still can’t jog for too long but each time I am trying to lengthen the jogging part and listen to my inner Grit Doctor.

Week 2 – Location, Location, Location  #NWODrun


I am very lucky in that my route takes me down to the beach and past the two lighthouses in my French town. Having this picturesque route means I am focusing more on the view and things happening around me than I am on my aching legs or how long I have been jogging for. I know not everyone is going to have a route that can distract you like this but I would definitely advise (ha look at me advising things to do with running!) that you try and run somewhere more motivating than on a treadmill in a generic gym.

So far I haven’t needed to listen to any music whilst I have been training as I get to hear seagulls squawking, snippets of French conversation and waves crashing. Am I making you jealous yet?! Sorry. Do you listen to music whilst you run? If you have completed a 10km race and can help with advice I would love to hear from you. Also if you want to hear how I am getting on the followed me on twitter and the hashtag #NWODrun.